Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just to prevent this blog from suffering a most premature and painful death, I will try to update often with musings derived from the past.

You must be gleaming with excitement.

I know, I am too.

I wrote this last year in an attempt to be uberly metaphorical. I failed n00bishly but I still like it.


Analogy on human relationships using the Large Hadron Collider as an example:

We accelerate our own lives: they spin, distant themselves a hundred miles away then coincidentally meet for a split second. For a moment we not alone - we feel lucidity and excitement; experiencing something short but meaningful and then again, we are off on our own: victims of distance.

We patiently roam waiting for a manifestation of the mathematical coincidence we are slaves of. Same cycle repeated a million times.

Sometimes we meet close enough and we acknowledge each other, we sense our presence and want to reach out for more; some other times we pretend we don't exist: it hurts less. We travel in opposite directions, we are different in many ways and yet deep inside we know there will be a time when we will both collide to create the biggest of impacts and when that happens, it will be a decisive moment, we will either:

1) Find out what we were truly made of,

2) Disintegrate into the smallest of pieces after a tremendous burst of emotions where no trace will be left behind or,

3) Form new matter and begin a new journey as one.

This will be the best way to explore the inner workings of our souls and learn about the fundamental nature of the heart. The risk of emotions going out of control is latent but worth risking, once it has happened, the fear will begin to subside. Although nothing is guaranteed at this point.

tl;dr science = :heart:


  1. Routines can kill you alive, right? I prefer a live full of sadness with an exciment end, as it is supposed to be...

  2. Nice writing, you deserve the prize I grant you, ;)

  3. anda!! hasta q actualizas esto!!! haha =)


  4. Wow!... que buena lectura!!..

    I love science too!!! :-)