Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yet another irrational complaint.

I fell asleep on the train today (like I do on any other weekday when I'm forced to join the commute at ungodly morning hours) I woke up only to find out that the guy sitting in front of me had his iPhone camera pointed at my face. I told him, in between mutters and groans, that I was going to charge him for doing that; he giggled nervously and got off in the next stop.

I'm pretty sure there's (or will be) a picture in the intrawebs of me sleeping. If anybody sees it, kindly forward it to me. A stranger owes me a loonie.

"According to the Canadian Institute of Fake Statistics, 86% of people riding public transports are being unwillingly photographed in low resolution, crappy quality images by camwhores.

Next time somebody dares to engage in such voyeuristic behaviours, I would gladly pose for you with my best of faces:

Jolly, jolly ho!

And before somebody bashes my hypocritical position arguing that I'm just as guilty of doing the same for being a photographer, I will just say, in my defense, that I would never ever take your photo with a crappy camera phone. EVER!

Rest assured your candid, stealth photo will be of higher quality with subtle artistic enhancements. You won't believe it's you!


  1. I bet you appear on the LOLchickssohotthatyouwontbelievewereridinginthesametrainwithyou website :D

  2. habra q comenzar la busqueda incesante de esa foto!!! hehe

    ey cuando vienes pa mejiquito!?!! :D

  3. lydy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAI!!! -- Chris

  4. :-O... pues posiblemente solo vió la belleza que estaba frente a él y sacó una foto para su propia colección de fotos.

    Esperemos que no lo publique en ningún lado, que su iphone se le haya caido a la taza del baño y se haya descompuesto.


  5. suerte que te tomó dormida, hay una moda de tomar nalgas y traseros en el transporte público, en la Cd. de México en nuestro amado metro.

    Nice work, el que tienes publicado.

  6. güay, te imaginas y si nos asaltna ?

  7. New posts will be appreciated :)

  8. esta chevere tu blog...

    segui posteando...

    ahi te dejo para que lo cheques: