Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am a Geek

I recently bumped into this list of geeky things and I decided sharing was mandatory.

I could've just linked you to it, but I wanted to highlight the ones that apply to me w/ my comments in blue (You can copy/paste this on your blog and do this too)

The Geek Social Aptitude Test

1. I own and wear t-shirts featuring the logos of computer/operating system manufacturers/ websites (deviantART ftw!)
2. I am over the age of 22 and live with my parents.
3. I am, according to the medical definition, obese.
4. On an average day more of my human interaction happens on message boards or in blog comments than with actual other people.
5. I have ended real friendships over arguments about computer or product choices.
6. I very seriously and passionately try to talk people into buying or switching to my OS/phone/product of choice. (more like Cameras and mp3 players)
7. I commonly use very specific technical jargon without considering whether or not the person I'm talking to understands it.
8. I hold an engineering or IT degree.
9. I have made a member of the opposite sex sit and watch me play video games for an hour or more.
10. I play with my phone at restaurants. (and camera... and iPod)
11. Almost all of my jokes are actually just catchphrases or references to popular comedic film or show. (read: Top Gear, House, The Big Bang Theory and the like)
12. I have a medical problem that makes me sweat a lot.
13. I live or have lived for an extended period completely nocturnally, sitting at my computer all night and sleeping all day.
14. I generally do not leave my home if it's not necessary for work or food retrieval.
15. I have over 50,000 Xbox 360 Gamerpoints.
16. I work in electronics retail.
17. I generally am only friends with other Apple people/Windows people.
18. My sense of humor is more in line with 4chan than any other comedic source.
19. I hang out exclusively with members of the same sex.
20. I own and wear a cowboy hat, Kangol hat, fedora and/or bowler.
21. I am the dominant talker in most conversations I have.
22. I think the Star Wars trilogy/Star Trek series is the greatest thing ever put to celluloid and will argue all night about it.
23. When I hang out with my friends, we usually play Risk, Axis and Allies, Dungeons and Dragons and/or Settlers of Catan.
24. I have a level 80 character in World of Warcraft.
25. I've dressed up as a video game character/manga character in public on a day other than Halloween.
26. I say internet acronyms such as LOL and BRB out loud. (I say ZOMG a lot)
27. I own a sword, nunchucks and/or throwing stars. (I have a Katana. Me and my brother are disputing the ownership of said sword)
28. I'm an obsessive collector.
29. I make my own image macros.
30. I am really, really into my cat. Like, really.
31. I have corrected someone's spelling or grammar on a message board or in blog comments. (and then killed them with fire~!)
32. I have authored and obsessively updated Wikipedia entries about cartoons from the 80's.
33. I breathe through my mouth, mostly.
34. I've read all of the greatest novels ever published, all of which happen to be graphic novels.
35. I suffer from halitosis and/or a laziness-based aversion to dental hygiene.
36. I vote for politicians based on their stance on net neutrality.
37. My dream girl/boy has eyes the size of dinner plates, is part robot or, optimally, both.
38. I am a member of a private, invite-only BitTorrent tracker with extremely strict ratio/bitrate requirements. (lol @ Torrentbytes and its impossible registration)
39. I regularly ingest caffeine through unconventional means. (haven't tried ingesting it thru an IV, tho)
40. I'm convinced that I would be happier if I worked on the Starship Enterprise.
41. I do things for the "lulz."
42. I always have the last word in online arguments. Always.
43. I wear sweatpants more than any other type of pants.
44. I am a guy and I have a ponytail.
45. I believe that it's the rest of the world that's awkward and I actually have everything pretty much figured out.
46. I have a hard drive exclusively dedicated to porn/movies/shows
47. I write letters to companies and consumer interest blogs whenever I feel that I've been wronged. (and they've never replied back)
48. I'm married in Second Life but single in real life.
49. I read Gizmodo (and FARK) more than the New York Times. (who the fuck reads the New York Time these days anyway??)
50. I am offended by this test.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. We are all geeks because we are reading this geeky bloody blog

  2. eres más geek que yo...


  3. Por eso no tengo internet en casa, si a veces no me aguanto como soy, si me vuelvo más geek(mas maniatico, mas quisquilloso, mas pedante y mamon), ahora si me echan del condominio y ee es un lujo que no puedo darme.

  4. @Anon: You can't call that a fact. Generalizing is naughty.

    @Enis: :fishy:

    @Moztadio: Es la misma razon por la que no tengo changos en mi casa, que tal que me vuelvo uno y también me echan del condominio. Hay riesgos que no podemos tomar.

    @Tyler: No hay nada geek en el post anterior, ni en toda la blogosphere, ni en internet. De que hablas?

  5. Caramba creo que si soy muy geek