Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to Calgary!

August 3rd, 2008

Everything here seems alien again. I've been doing this for four years and still haven't gotten used to the cultural and environmental differences.

My english is a bit rusty too, after two weeks in Mexico of speaking spanish.

I always have the same impression after coming back to a city I call "home". Spaces are huge- I can't focus my eyes on anything but a hill, the prairie or sky.

I miss the colourful and folkloric details in Mexico; here is nice and clean and beautiful, but it's the same setting throughout the whole city, with some minor exceptions like the Rockies or city rivers.

I can see the horizon, I can see from left to right without anything blocking my view. I even see the earth's curvature in the vast sky scape, the different hues on the clouds, the gradient of the sunset. It almost looks surreal.

There's no one walking on the street at this hour (10:30pm) Where's all the people who live here? It seems a dead city to me after 5pm.

The highways are so big and cars flow evenly: no bumps, no traffic jams... just flow.

August 4th, 2008

I look out the window: everything is so friggin colourful. Someone increased the contrast, saturation and brightness in this city (that's my geek speaking). The sky has never been so blue, the hills have never been greener, even the air is tasty (?) Yes, tasty... enjoyable to breathe.

I look out the window again, a flock of seagulls play in the sky. There must be hundreds of them... they look like glitter. I've never seen that many before, they must be migrating somewhere south. Does that mean winter is fastly approaching? God, they are noisy... I've never been very fond of seagulls, only from afar.

People on the streets look so calm and happy. Lightness all around. They live their lives in a happy way. There aren't that many of them, though. Some kids have been playing for hours with their skate boards.

Where did all this colour come from?! Damn, it's pretty.

August 5th, 2008.

Back to work. Ugh... The routine.

Though, I'm glad to see those guys again. They all look healthy and shiny.

The train on the way here was uneventful. It was pretty empty, that's what I meant. The driver talks to us before the train goes into the downtown area. Now, that's something different. He tells us the weather forecast and wishes us a good day. Hmm... funny.

Lunch break

I walk towards Stephen Avenue: the business district so to speak. I've always liked walking here. There's so much to see around. People are nice, they're all dressed up in a nice, conservative sort of way. You see colour but not too much, just the right amount.

There are flowers everywhere. I like the liveliness of this Avenue.

People are in good shape, generally speaking. I notice how everyone tries to be healthy and everyone wants to sit in the sun. Oh, these Canadians are funny sometimes... They all look happy and walk at an even pace.

The McNally Robinson bookstore has closed now. This saddens me deeply as it was one of my favourite places to spend the time. My hideout. That's too bad, I really liked that place.

I'm sitting in a sculpture, monument thing just outside McNally. I've always liked sitting here and read; it's never occupied! Maybe because there's no sun falling onto this side. They don't like to sit in the shadow. Funny Canadians.

Being sitting here, I notice two things:

1. People walk for the pleasure of walking, they don't go to places, they walk the street just because they can. I like that.

2. People are smiling: to their peers, to themselves, to each other. They walk, talk and smile. Effects of the sun or the nice weather? Perhaps, but they look happy, that's for sure. I feel happy just by looking at them.

Things move slowly but at an even constant pace. I can catch up :)

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