Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It has been brought to my attention that I have a weird, unplaceable English accent. "Not quite Spanish, Canadian or Posh" as pointed out by one of my friends. "...You sound British if you try to talk Aussie, you sound East-Canadian when you try to talk British and don't even get me started on Scottish or Irish..."

Lovely, ain't it?

Maybe I should give up on it and try a Chinese or East-Indian accent. It'd be a lot easier.

Not quoting Mr. Fidel Castro, but I've reached a conclusion that absolves me from any possible guilt when it comes to accents. I do NOT have a weird accent. Mine is directly influenced by the person whom I'm speaking to. That said, they are the ones with the weird accents, not me. I'm just merely mirroring them and it is totally involuntary; a condition if you will.


  1. You may sound Canadian if you try to speak as a Mexican eh?

  2. Yo aprendí inglés escuchando rock y viendo películas. Resulta que a veces cuando hablo hasta imito los tics de algunos actores o sonsonetes de canciones... y hay quien me dice que hablo raro, que no ubica mi acento. Y la gente se desconcierta con eso. Y me gusta.