Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Unconsciously, you want them to lay you off. That way, you wouldn’t have anything holding you from doing other stuff. What stuff? Oh man, lots of ambiguous things come to mind…

You’re tired if this predictive life – It was too soon to take on a routine job that required no creative effort whatsoever. You’re fucking 22 years old and you need MOAR action, recklessness. Yet, you feel like such a teenager not knowing what to do with your life. You have all these wild dreams about moving to a different country, start from scratch, meet new people… Funny thing when you have ALREADY done all these things when you came to Canada, Fabiola. You should be satisfied with what you have but you’re not. Why?

- I dunno, maybe it’s the Chinook messing up with my head again.

Explained in my own words, a Chinook is a big load of hot wind coming from the pacific, somehow goes through the mountains, kind of climbs them and then it slides downward to the prairies – this wind looses most of its moisture and then it mixes with the friggin dry miserable air on the prairies and it becomes warmer somehow – then because it’s all warm and stuff, it elevates this miserable blanket of cold, gray dull clouds covering the city and it forms an arch in the sky which looks really cool sometimes but the gust winds are a bitch. Oh yeah, it’s also supposed to melt ALL the snow on the ground because it’s like… hot air, but it really doesn’t.

Also, most people, like me, suffer this weird pressure/headache caused by the differences in climate pressure and the fast change in rising temperature. Irritation may also occur seeing as you have to wear a very heavy jacket and then take it off in the middle of the day because it’s too damn hot.

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