Monday, September 10, 2007

The Girl Who Hates Independence Day

Warning: Highly “Malinchistic” Content

Disclaimer: I love my culture and I don't have anything against mexicans. It's just this one day that really bothers me. that said, I expect being less flamed for this post.

Bless my luck!

What is better than being a Mexican born in Sept 15? Well, I’ll tell ya…

(If you share my cultural heritage, you would know what I’m talking about)

A grosso modo, September 15 is one of the biggest Mexican celebrations: Independence Day. Every year, Mexicans around the world gather together and party hard. The main reason for celebration is sometimes forgotten, sometimes overlooked, or even substituted.

But who cares? It’s party time, right?

Well no.

Not for me anyways. I always try to avoid this very special day; it’s like your birthday was on the 4th of July and all you got as presents were US flags and Uncle Sam plushies!

Coming to Canada gave me a new hope. But O lordy! Who would’ve thought there were all kind of Mexican associations scattered all over this northern territory!

Not me.

I’ve been twice to this Independence parties: both times had an amazingly… boring time.
The food was questionable and minimal, the tickets were expensive and the drinks were… well, let’s just say I was very thirsty the whole night.

And the people? I met like 10 Mexicans and was not impressed at all. It’s my fault anyways; I’m very selective and sensitive about how people behave, talk, conduct themselves; as well as education, humbleness, modesty, etc.

I’m a tough cookie, I know.

But can you really blame me for not wanting to go this year? CAN YOU?

I’m just going to put it this way: I’d rather spend my b-day alone with my cat, than parting with a bunch of Latino populace who can’t even spell “Independence”. Nuff said.

I’m guilty of heresy! Burn me at the stake! Hang me and behead me for I am accountable for my profanity! LOL

Credits: Image of "Malinche" by Rosario Marquardt. Original can be found here

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